New, Transfer, or Returning Officials. 


Becoming an official in Miami-Dade County. 

Before you begin, please review the requirements from the Florida High School Athletics Association (FHSAA) and (GMACFOA) to make sure you meet the necessary qualifications.

Once you have done so, please follow the simple steps below to complete your registration.

Follow These Steps 


Step 1: Register with FHSAA.COM.

Step 2: Register with the GMACFOA.COM.

Step 3: Complete the GMAC Officials Association application.

Step 4: Make sure you comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act. 

Step 5: Take and pass your FHSAA Officials Test. 

Step 6: Activate your account.

Jessica Lunsford Act.


Lunsford Act is the informal name given to a 2005 Florida law designed to punish sex offenders and reduce their ability to re-offend. To comply with this act, football officials will need to get fingerprinted, take a level 2 screening (background check), and complete the M-DCPS Vendor Application.   

To complete this step of the registration process, you will need a Social Security Card and a Driver’s License. You can make an appointment to pick up the required service provider document form, email Marisol Diaz at the GMAC offices.  

All fingerprinting and background checks will take place in downtown Miami, at 1450 NE 2nd avenue, room 150.  Cost $ 83,50

Officials who comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act, can pick up their Florida Public Schools Contractor Badge at 155 NE 15th Street.

Registration Cost.


GMACFOA – Association: $ 45.00, Classroom Clinic: $ 25.00, Books: $ 10.00

FHSAA – Per Sport Fee: $ 26.00, Set Up Fee (One time): $ 19.00

GMAC – Per Sport Fee: $ 45.00, Late Fee: $ 10.00, Vendor Badge Fee: $ 10.00

FINGERPRINTS:  $ 83.50 every (5) years.