About Us

Welcome to the Greater Miami Athletic Conference Football Officials Association (GMACFOA).

As a governing organization, the GMACFOA creates, trains and schedules a community of officials responsible for officiating all high school football games in Miami-Dade County. Through our efforts to advance the sport, we pride ourselves on establishing a strong group of experienced officials who are actively involved in the South Florida high school football community every year. As part of our commitment to good sportsmanship, we operate according to a high standard of ethics, always ensuring fair play and understanding, and maintaining a positive relationship among coaches, players, athletic directors, fans and media representatives. We further develop our own community through a series of mandatory meetings to discuss the philosophy, mechanics and rules associated with officiating high school football in Miami-Dade county.

The GMACFOA is a subsidiary organization of both the Greater Miami Athletic Conference (GMAC) and the Greater Miami Athletic Conference Officials Association (GMACOA).